Willow Tree Farm has been perfecting their breeding program for over 30 years. They start with a thoughtful approach on the different attributes they’d like to pass onto their young stock; creating horses that are proven to excel in the show ring. With years of knowledge on the subject and paired with the incredible amenities the farm offers, it's a program that can't be beat. The facility is designed to make the process simple and create an atmosphere where young horses can flourish from the time they're born to the time they are ready to start start they're show career, and long after that. They have a variety of proven stallions and mares, along with a group of recipient mares, so that any pairing can create a winning combination and a life-long partner. Willow Tree works very closely with Jim Bergum DVM, Hilda Basil DVM of 808 Ranch, and Pioneer Equine Hospital, as well as having onsite staff 24/7 to ensure the best quality of care for your animals.


Willow Tree Farm's wide variety of amenities make it an easy choice for anyone looking to rehabilitate their show partner. With an on-call vet, Jim Bergum DVM, and a dedicated staff, they are able to closely monitor and care for any horse. Willow Tree boasts having both a hot walker and treadmill; both incredibly important for a speedy and thorough recovery. They also have a variety of different sized stalls and pastures, ranging from 12x12 to full stall-paddocks to full sized grass pastures. With an on-site rider, they are able to accommodate horses all the way into full work with a strict fitness plan